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Millennials lead the mass Facebook exodus
Business | 80 hits
Millennials lead the mass Facebook exodus: More than 15 MILLION users in the US have quit the site in the last two years over privacy concerns

Single-use plastics could be banned in Ontario
Environmental | 89 hits
Ontario is weighing a ban on single-use plastics as part of a broader strategy to send less waste to landfills.

Ethiopian Airlines crash: 18 Canadians among the dead
Misc World | 88 hits
Eighteen Canadians are among the victims of an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that killed all 157 people thought to be on board Sunday, the airline's CEO and Kenya's transport minister said.

Canadian News


Iranian couple arrested over public marriage proposal
Lifestyle | 175 hits
Police say the pair's engagement at a shopping centre in Arak contravened Islamic principles.

Titania McGrath: 'Queen of woke Twitter culture' sheds his online mask
Funny | 155 hits
When a former Oxford University postgraduate student set up a satirical Twitter account in April 2018 under the name of Titania McGrath, he had no idea of the social media storm that was to follow.

Dame Kelly Holmes receives backlash after objecting to trans athletes competing against women
Lifestyle | 199 hits
The Olympic gold medalist has come under fire from trans activists including cyclist Rachel McKinnon for supporting claims that women are at a clear disadvantage from trans competitors.

Mayor claims she was hate crime victim after 'yellow, sticky substance' found on car
Funny | 190 hits
2 Darnell Byrd McPherson, a Mayor from South Carolina, thought she was the victim of a hate crime after a 'yellow, sticky' substance was found on her car. A police report determined it was pollen.

Canadian News


An unvaccinated boy got Oregonís first tetanus case in 30 years ?treating him cost over $800,000
Health | 253 hits
3 Tetanus hadn't been seen in Oregon in about 30 years. Then an unvaccinated kid cut his forehead.

Scheer says he 'didn't hear' question about Clinton 'pizzagate' lie during town hall
Political | 261 hits
10 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today he "didn't hear" a question about an infamous ?and debunked ?conspiracy theory connecting the Clinton Foundation to a child sex ring during a town hall event in Kitchener, Ont. last night.

Trudeau apologizes for 'colonial,' 'purposeful' mistreatment of Inuit with tuberculosis
Misc CDN | 242 hits
12 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized on Friday in Iqaluit for the federal governmentís treatment of Inuit with tuberculosis in the mid-20th century, an appearance postponed the day before because of weather.

Canadian News


Canadian News


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